Ameya Pawar 2014Welcome to the 47th Ward Public Service website! Since taking office in 2011, together we have accomplished so much. Our highlights include:


  • My office passed ten major pieces of city-wide legislation, which includes the creation of the City Council Office of Financial Analysis — Chicago is now the fourth city in the country to create an independent budget office. Other legislation includes the TIF Accountability Ordinance and the one of the the nation’s strongest anti-wage theft ordinances.
  • Redirecting local TIF dollars to public projects. Ald. Pawar allocated and advanced millions in TIF dollars to:  Sulzer Library, the Lawrence Avenue Streetscape, Clark Park, Lake View High School, Coonley Elementary,  McPherson Elementary, etc.
  • Advanced economic development projects totaling over $300 million– including the Ravenswood Station retail center (anchor for Mariano’s & LA Fitness), Kerry Wood Cubs Field, Divvy Stations, Lycee Francais, etc.
  • Partnered with local entities to create the FREE Mariano’s Grocery Senior Shuttle Bus Service.
  • Created GROW47 to help organize our community around neighborhood schools. The goal: build a neighborhood K-12 system and give families in the city what they seek out in the suburbs. The result: new “Friends of” groups, millions in 47th ward TIF money to neighborhood schools, hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding for new playgrounds, and  a major project at EVERY neighborhood school in the 47th ward.
  • And so much more!

My office works very hard to provide high quality constituent services, improve neighborhood schools, improve public safety, and ensure we grow our local economy and create jobs. This is your government and your office; as such, I welcome your ideas and suggestions on how we can work together to improve our community. Keep your ideas coming – send them to

If you have any questions or concerns, please stop by our office, send us an email or give us a call. We are here to serve you.