47th Ward TIF, SBIF, TIFWorks, SSA & Industrial CorridorsĀ List (map)

TIF/Tax Increment Finance Districts

  1. Lawrence/Broadway TIF #109 map & info
  2. Clark/Montrose TIF #70 map & info
  3. Ravenswood Corridor TIF #139 map & info
  4. Western Avenue North TIF #84 map & info
  5. Western Avenue South TIF #85 map & info
  6. Addison South TIF #150 map & info
  7. Lincoln/Belmont/Ashland #28 map & info

SBIF/Small Business Improvement Fund Program

  1. Western Avenue North
  2. Western Avenue South
  3. Ravenswood Corridor
  4. Clark-Montrose

TIFWorks Program

  1. Clark-Montrose
  2. Addison South

SSA/Special Service Areas

  1. Lincoln Square SSA #21 map
  2. Andersonville SSA #22 map
  3. Lakeview West SSA #27 map
  4. Greater Ravenswood/Lawrence/Clark SSA #31 map
  5. Uptown SSA #34 map
  6. Northcenter SSA #38 map

The Special Service Area program is a mechanism to fund expanded services and programs through a localized property tax levy within contiguous industrial, commercial and residential areas. The enhanced services and programs are in addition to services and programs currently provided through the city. SSA-funded projects could include but are not limited to: security services, area marketing and advertising assistance, promotional activities such as parades and festivals, or any variety of small scale capital improvements which could be supported through a modest property tax levy.

Industrial Corridors