47th Ward Block Clubs

Interactive Map Showing 47th Ward Neighborhood-Block Club Areas

(PDF of Block Club Names, Boundaries & Map)

The 47th Ward Council works closely with the various committees that inform the alderman on important issues. Neighborhood groups are regularly updated on the activities of these committees. Information regarding their operation including agenda items, minutes, and documents can be found on the various pages linked below.

47th Ward Zoning Advisory Committee

The Zoning Advisory Committee meets monthly to review and make recommendations on various zoning relief requests related to development projects.  Staff Liaison: Ernie Constantino, 773-549-4555, ernie@chicago47.org.

47th Ward Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee looks at all issues regarding transportation, parking, biking, and traffic. Staff Liaison: Danny Drees, 773-549-4462, danny@chicago47.org.

47th Ward Senior Council

The Senior Council is a group of residents who work to empower and support folks to age-in-place in the 47th Ward. The Senior Council encourages and facilitates lifelong learning, offer opportunities to be engages and give support in our community, and provides a hub to support connections for older adults. Staff Liaison: Dara Salk, 773-868-4747, dara@chicago47.org.

47th Ward Green Council

The Green Council is composed of a small group of environmental experts from the 47th Ward. The council directs task forces on projects such as creating a community solar buy-in program, ensuring biodiversity in our neighborhoods and and promoting stormwater management techniques. Staff Liaison: Dara Salk, 773-868-4747, dara@chicago47.org.

47th Ward Gardening Network

Connecting gardeners, resources and knowledge, the Gardening Network holds regular workshops for all to attend to learn from gardening experts on a variety of topics. The group has works on special projects such as plant exchanges, promoting corner parkway gardens and planning new community gardens. Staff Liaison: Dara Salk, 773-868-4747, dara@chicago47.org.


GROW47 is a committee co-chaired by Dan Hynes and Paul Rosenfeld. This committee is composed of principals from the local schools and representatives of the various “Friends of” organizations that support local schools. GROW47 is charged to work with Ald. Pawar and CPS to identify needs in our local schools and target private donations, TIF dollars. Staff Liaison: Dara Salk, 773-868-4747, dara@chicago47.org.

OpenWall Chicago Committee