Adopt-A-Corner (or Parkway) … Go Native !

Interested in adopting a parkway or parkway corner to create a lovely eco-friendly garden? Then please give us a map or drawing showing the corner or space you or your group would like to adopt and complete this info form for our records. Check with the houses or buildings adjacent to the selected corner, if you are not the owner/resident yourself, to ask if the owners/residents here mind you adopting the corner. We are encouraging multi-year stewardship of these gardens so they do not get created one year and neglected the next and recommend adopted corners have two or three steward-gardeners. Here’s an example of a corner garden design. Please consider using native plants which are more drought & disease resistant and have deeper roots to absorb excess rain water. For a list and description of native plants click here.

Plant Exchanges

Would you like to be involved in a ward wide plant swap? Will you have seedlings that you would like to trade? Have extra bricks, wood, found items or tools that need a new home? (Contact Dara ! see below)

47th Ward Gardening Network & Guest Speaker Series

We are a large network of citizens interested in learning about, doing it and promoting gardening, community gardening and native plantings in the 47th Ward. We sponsor monthly speakers and a forum for the exchange of ideas to inform, enlighten and inspire everyone to be involved in the greening, beautification and conserving the natural resources of the 47th Ward and the city as a whole. Sign up for our newsletter (right column at and check for gardening announcements.

Community Vegetable Gardens

We are working with community partners to turn vacant lots into productive vegetable gardens that benefit our food pantries, local restaurants and neighborhood gardeners. In 2012 and 2013, the Northcenter Neighborhood Association and the Peterson Victory Garden Project were granted permission to establish a community vegetable garden on the lot at 1819 W. Montrose Avenue (which is now being planned for a new building).

Wood Chips

Trees and branches removed by the Bureau of Forestry (Dep’t. of Streets & Sanitation) are recycled and reused. Logs and chips are sold to vendors for biomass, construction grade lumber and wood chips. Forestry also offers free mulch to residents on a limited basis for pick up during working hours of 6:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

The locations for pick up are:

  • 4101 N. Oak Park Avenue (Chicago Read Center)
  • W. Grand and N. Rockwell (South of Grand Avenue, behind of the salt pile, along the south fence)
  • W. 52nd and N. Oakley (near the Salt Dome)
  • 2342 S. Ashland Avenue (NW corner of property)
  • 900 E. 103rd Street (NE corner of property)

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For more information on any of these gardening initiatives, contact Dara Salk at 773-868-4747 or