As you can see in this graph, the number of reported crimes in the ward declined steadily between 2010 and 2015 before seeing an increase in both 2016 and 2017 that tracked with a city-wide increase in crime. While the 47th Ward experiences relatively low levels of violent crimes like homicides and assaults, we do have our fair share of theft, burglaries and other property crimes. It is important to never leave valuables in your vehicle or on your porch, and to always be sure to lock your windows and doors to prevent crimes of opportunity. Working together with neighbors to form block clubs, social media groups, email lists and/or phone trees can be an effective way to combat crime in your area. Neighborhood Watch Signs are available for pickup in our office (email or call ahead so we can have them printed for you). Please be sure to call 911 to report any suspicious or criminal activity, and be sure to report any crime to the Chicago Police Department.

Below, please find a summary table that lays out the number of crimes per year by primary type. For a description of each primary type category, please click here.

*Yearly total contains a count of reported crime categories not shown on this summary table.

The data used to create this information was taken from the City of Chicago Data Portal. Our office created a data set to reflect the change in ward boundaries in 2012 so that a historical comparison could be made. Please note that when search by ward on the data portal the crimes listed will be on the pre-2012 ward boundaries. The reported crimes data set can be accessed by clicking here.