April 23, Sunday 7: AM – 10:30 AM

All Saints Episcopal Church, 4550 N Hermitage Avenue


See Website https://www.ravenswoodrun.com/ 

Course Description

  • Starting line on Hermitage at cross walk at north end of Hermitage and Wilson intersection
  • South on Hermitage to Montrose
  • East on Montrose to Paulina
  • South on Paulina to Berteau
  • West on Berteau to Ravenswood (East side)
  • North on Ravenswood (East side) to Sunnyside
  • West on Sunnyside to Leavitt
  • North on Leavitt to Wilson
  • West on Wilson to Lincoln
  • North on Lincoln (thru Lincoln Square) to Lawrence
  • East on Lawrence (in East bound lanes) to Damen
  • South on Damen to Wilson
  • East on Wilson Avenue to finish line
  • Finish line approx. 92ft east of Ravenswood Ave (east side) on Wilson

Pre and Post Race Areas (same as in previous years) – Noted on map in Yellow

  • Ravenswood Ave (east) from Wilson to Leland.
  • Hermitage Ave from Wilson to Leland.
  • Wilson Ave from Ravenswood Ave (east) to Ashland.

All of these areas are already within the street closure area, they just need to be posted for no parking.

2017 Ravenswood Run 5K Parking Restrictions

Pre-Race/ Post Race Area No Parking Begins Anticipated Opening
Hermitage Ave.
Sunnyside Ave. to Leland Ave.
2am 11am
Wilson Ave.
Ashland Ave. to Ravenswood Ave.
2am 11am
Ravenswood Ave. (East leg)
Wilson Ave. to Leland Ave.
2am 11am
Race Route    
Hermitage Ave.
Wilson Ave. to Montrose Ave.
2am 9am
Montrose Ave.
Paulina St. to Ravenswood Ave. (East leg)
2am 9am
Paulina St.
Berteau Ave. to Montrose Ave.
2am 9am
Berteau Ave.
Paulina to Ravenswood Ave. (East leg)
2am 9am
Ravenswood Ave. (East Leg)
Berteau Ave. to Sunnyside
2am 9am
Sunnyside Ave.
Ravenswood Ave. (East Leg) to Leavitt St.
2am 9am
Leavitt St.
Leland Ave. to Wilson Ave.
2am 9am
Wilson Ave.
Leavitt St. to Lincoln Ave.
2am 9am
Lincoln Ave.
Wilson Ave. to Lawrence Ave.
4am 9am
Lawrence Ave. (Eastbound)
Damen Ave. to Western Ave.
4am 9am
Damen Ave.
Wilson Ave to Lawrence Ave.
4am 9:15am
Wilson Ave.
Ravenswood Ave. (East Leg) to Damen Ave.
2am 9:30am

Please note that all reopening times are approximate. Streets will be reopened by the Chicago Police Department when it is deemed safe to do so.