June 3, Saturday 9: AM – 3: PM

Northcenter Neighborhood,

It’s time for our sixth annual community yard sale! NNA is organizing a neighborhood-wide day of resale.

Looking to register your home as a seller? Read on!


Participation is $10 for NNA members and $20 for non members. This fee will cover the cost of promoting the event through advertising as well as the printing and thorough distribution of posters and postcards. We will also work with the Alderman’s office to pull the permits, but you must be registered by the deadline of May 19th in order for us to do that and be included on our map.

Remember, CLUSTERS COUNT! The more houses that are involved on one block, the more likely you are to get visitors. Reach out to your neighbors. If you organize at least three homes on your block, each home will receive a free NNA membership. Please email us for a FREE MEMBERSHIP discount code for participating blocks.

2017 BLOCK CHALLENGE: This year, for the block with the most participating homes, NNA will provide a pizza lunch for the winning block on the day of the Yard Sale.

Have lots of items to sell, but not enough room in your yard? Partner with your neighbors! Ask a friend who is registering if you can bring your items to sell out of their yard. Only the yard which will be a stop on the map needs to register.

If you have any questions, please contact us at northcenterneighborhood@gmail.com.

The Northcenter Neighborhood Associations’s boundaries are: Addison on the south, the Chicago River on the west, Montrose on the north, and Ravenswood on the east. Click here to view the map of our area. Participating homes must fall within our organization’s boundaries. 

PLEASE NOTE: This registration is for yards that would like to participate as a seller. A registration will be available at a later date for those interested in attending the yard sale who wish to receive a map of the participating homes. It will be free to attend. (participating homes set prices on items)