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Ward Night with Alderman Pawar

June 6, Wednesday 5: PM – 7: PM

47th Ward Alderman Pawar's Office, 4243 N. Lincoln Avenue, First Floor Office

Short meetings with Alderman Pawar are available, first-come-first-serve, on “Ward Night” which occurs on some Wednesdays from 5:00 to 7:00 PM in the ward office, 4243 N. Lincoln Avenue. We post the dates of the next Ward Nights in the blue-shaded “call-out” box near the top of our website pages; we also put these dates in the left-hand column of our weekly newsletters.

If you are not able to make a Ward Night, you may request a meeting with the alderman by emailing Due to the volume of requests, it may take up a week or two for a meeting to be scheduled. If your matter is urgent or related to an area of expertise associated with one of the office staff, please email or call 773-868-4747 to speak with someone immediately.

If you are contacting Alderman Pawar about a zoning or development issue, please note the alderman does not discuss his approval or support of any projects until the request, proposal or concept is run through his 47th Ward Zoning Advisory Committee (see For questions on technical issues or the approval procedure, contact Ernie Constantino ( or 773-549-4555) who handles zoning, residential and commercial development, and business issues such as licenses, SBIF funding and use-of-public-way permits.