>>> Residential Zoning District Criteria
.         (Zoning Requirements for Standard Lot in RS3 District)
>>> Residential Zoning District Allowed Uses
>>> Business & Commercial Zoning Districts Criteria
>>> Allowed Uses in Business & Commercial Zoning Districts
>>> B1 vs. B3 Zoning Districts Allowed Uses
>>> Manufacturing Zoning District
>>> ARO, Affordable Housing Requirements for Rezonings
>>> Transit-Oriented Development/TOD Ordinance (rev. 9-15)
>>> Pedestrian Street Zoning
>>> Parking Requirement in Various Zoning Districts
         [Full Ordinance on Parking & Loading (§17-10)]
>>> Allowable Encroachments in Setbacks
>>> Zoning Related Measurements
>>> Chicago Landscape Ordinance
>>> Business Work/Live Space Ordinance
>>> Rebuild Letter
>>> Zoning Amendment Application
>>> Zoning Board of Appeals Special Use Application (rev. 4-13)
>>> Garage Construction Building Codes
>>> Fence Construction Building Codes
>>> Outdoor Fireplaces, Fire Pits & Grills
>>> When City Building Permit is Needed …. When it is Not Required
>>> Know Before you Begin a Home Repair Project
>>> Homeowner’s Assistance Program
(special permit services for owner-occupants of single-family homes)
>>> Type 1 Zoning Application