*requires aldermanic approval/sign-off

*Use of Public Way Permit Application for Signs, Awnings, Banners, Light Fixtures, Planters, etc.
–(sample Certificate of Liability Insurance   /  sample policy endorsement page)
–(Sign Regulation Summary from City Ordinances)

*Sidewalk Cafe Permit Application
–(Sample Certificate of Liability Insurance & Policy Endorsement)
–(Rules & Regulations)

Business Information Sheet (BIS)

Shared Cost Sidewalk Program
–(CLOSED for 2018 … next date to apply will be in January 2019–TBA)

Permit to do Construction in the Public Way (e.g. sidewalks & parkways)
–goto City Hall (121 N. LaSalle) Room 905, CDOT Permits (312-744-4691)
–[bring drawings, architectural not necessary, and use a City of Chicago licensed contractor]

*Special Events Application, Dep’t of Cultural Affairs & Special Events/DCASE
–(47th Ward Info Form for Special Events–Excel File Format …. email to ernie@chicago47.org )
–(Resource Guide for Special Events/DCASE)

Parade, Public Assembly and Athletic Event Permit Applications

*Sidewalk Sales Permit online application
–(see instructions; CDOT permit office 312-744-4652)

Chicago Park District Special Event Permit Application

*Loading and 15-Minute Standing Zones Request Procedures

Streetlight Pole Banner Permit Application & Procedures

*Driveway Curbcut Permits–Commercial

Driveway No-Parking Signs

Industrial Parking Permit form (Department of Finance)

Placard/Permit for Contractor Truck Park during Work at Customer Addresses

*Building Permit 10-Day Wait Waiver/Aldermanic Acknowledgement Letter
–> Email ernie@chicago47.org these two items:
Set of Drawings (site plan, elevations) and 6-page Permit Application (with page 5 completed)

Permit Application, Dep’t. of Buildings
(Landmark Buildings Fee Waiver info)

Dumpster Permits and Enforceable No Parking Signs for Trucks, etc.
–>goto City Hall (121 N. LaSalle) Room 905, CDOT permits (312-744-4691)

Consumer Fraud Complaint
If you have been scammed, the City’s Business Affairs & Consumer Protection/BACP prosecutes businesses for unlawful business practices. In some cases, BACP may collect restitution for the consumers who have been ripped off. Once a complaint is filed, either online or by calling 311, the consumer will be mailed a complaint affidavit in which the consumer explains what occurred in detail. It also requires a notarized signature so that BACP can begin to investigate the case. It is important that this competed affidavit be mailed back within the allotted time frame so the investigation can begin.

Raffle License (see p. 15): $100 per year [4-156-040 thru 110; 4-5-010 (68)] for non-profits that are at least five years old in good standing per http://www.ilsos.gov/corporatellc. You apply through the City’s Business Affairs department.

Bingo License (from Illinois Department of Revenue)
Non-profit must be a state-licensed religious, charitable, labor, fraternal, youth athletic, senior citizens, educational or veterans organization in existence in IL continuously for at least five years and must have a bona fide membership engaged in carrying out its objectives during that entire five-year period.

Water Exemption for Not For Profits

Firearms Concealed Carry Signage Requirement