Update 9/5/14:

  • Street paving between Western and Ravenswood has been completed.  Thermoplastic striping and crosswalk markings are currently being installed along this stretch.  Temporary pavement markings have been added in the meantime.  The stretch of Lawrence between Ravenswood and Clark will be paved in early November.  As always, pay close attention to parking restrictions.
  • New pedestrian refuge islands (including ADA compliant ramps) were installed between Damen and Clark.
  • Sidewalk and curb/gutter replacement between Damen and Clark along the north side of Lawrence has been completed.  Work is being finished up along the last stretch, which is on the south side of Lawrence between Ravenswood and Clark. ADA ramps are being installed to line up with the street crossings at the pedestrian islands.
  • Bike racks and benches will be installed in early- to mid-September and chairs will be installed later this fall.
  • Sewer and electrical work continues along the entire corridor. New street light poles are being installed and old poles are being removed.
  • The remaining plantings between Western and Damen (including Claremont Plaza) are expected to be performed in early- to mid-September. Any remaining landscaping work will be finished up next spring along with other punch list items.

Update 7/1/13:

Construction is scheduled to begin the week of July 8th:

  • First stage is preliminary site preparations, survey, and layout including restriping street for new 3-lane configuration between Western Ave. and Ravenswood Ave.
  • Flyers will be distributed in the area to provide notice before heavy construction begins.
  • Between July and November 2013 the sidewalks will be widened and pedestrian infrastructure will be installed from Damen to Western Ave.
  • Claremont Plaza, just east of Lincoln on Lawrence, will be reconstructed.
  • The sidewalk in front of the new Ravenswood Station retail center (Mariano’s) will be reconstructed by the developer.
  • Prep work for the second phase area, from Damen to Clark, will begin in the early spring of 2014 expecting completion before November 2014.

Once completed, Lawrence Avenue will have:

  • Wider sidewalks to accommodate sidewalk cafes, better pedestrian access and enhance street amenities like public art.
  • Shorter distance for pedestrians crossing Lawrence due to new corner bump-outs and median “refuge” islands
  • Parkway rain gardens and rainwater-infiltration corner bump-outs to reduce flooding during storms.
  • Over 200 new trees planted in tree pits with decorative grates.
  • Safer vehicular left-turns and improved traffic light timing.
  • A new marked bike lane to connect to the existing bike lanes east and west of the project and thus realizing Lawrence Avenue as the longest continuous east-west bike lane in Chicago !

Update 5/08/13: The construction contractor has been selected by the City of Chicago Procurement Department. The project schedule will be announced once the contract is finalized and we expect the project to begin in early June. While starting a bit later than we had expected, we don’t believe the project will be delayed. The segment from Western to Damen will be done this year followed by Damen to Clark in 2014.

Update 1/22/13: This project will be moving forward this April based on the draft plan posted here. The entire project limits will be restriped to three lanes and the sidewalk work will begin at Western Avenue end of Lawrence Avenue. In 2013 CDOT will complete the section from Western Avenue east to Damen Avenue. In 2014 the remaining segment from Damen Avenue east to Clark Street will be reconstructed and finished. Already  the Department of Water Management installed a new water main this winter in preparation for the new streetscape. The temporary concrete patching in this section will be re-asphalted as part of the streetscape work.  We will continue to help coordinate with other concurrent projects as well, in particular the reconstruction of the new Metra tracks and new station, and the new retail shopping center at the old Sears parking lot just west of the Metra tracks called Ravenswood Station center.

Update 1/17/12: This is a draft of the streetscape design including proposed trees, mid-block storm water planters and bioswale bump outs and permeable pavers. Here is wheel-motif community identifier selected by ward artists.

Update 8/30/11: There was a community meeting organized by the Ravenswood Community Council for the business community in the footprint of the proposed streetscape. At this meeting, the proposed improvements were presented to the community. To see the presentation, click below:

Lawrence Avenue Streetscape Presentation [PDF] >>

Please note that there will be other meeting/s on the streetscape project so you can provide your input and ideas. If you have some ideas, please send them to info@chicago47.org.

Alderman’s Statement on Streetscape

I am fully behind the Lawrence Avenue streetscape project. But beautification and pedestrian oriented development alone will not jumpstart Lawrence Avenue. To make the project fully successful, pedestrian friendly features and landscaping must be paired with SBIF funding. I am working with CDOT, CPS and other government agencies to anchor this project in local schools while simultaneously making Lawrence Avenue more pedestrian and bike friendly. Additionally, this office will be working with CDOT to ensure all project components are green and leverage new technology to better manage stormwater. I am also working to attract retailers, restaurants and other organizations to Lawrence Avenue.