The Chicago Smart Lighting Program, a project undertaken by the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) in coordination with the Chicago Infrastructure Trust and the Department of Innovation and Technology has installed over 81,000 new LED light fixtures across the city. You may have already noticed these new lights on some arterial streets in the 47th Ward.

Over a four-year period, the Chicago Smart Lighting Program will replace 270,000 outdated high pressure sodium light fixtures with safer, modern, high quality, energy-efficient LED streetlights. The program has created new jobs and will save taxpayers more than $100 million in utility savings over the next decade. These new lights last longer and reduce the need to call 311 when a streetlight is not working. The new lights are energy-efficient, consume 50% less electricity, and are estimated to save $10 million a year in utility costs once fully deployed. In addition to savings, the City has already received over $10 million in ComEd Energy efficiency rebates for the cost of the retrofits. The new lighting fixtures are designed to focus light downward toward the street and sidewalk where it is needed, which will reduce light pollution. For more information and to see locations of upcoming installations, visit

Year Progress Report (Sep 2017 to Sep 2018)