While running for office, Ald. Pawar promised to legislate on citywide issues. Since taking office, Ald. Pawar’s passed ten major pieces of citywide legislation focused on reforms to City Council, Tax-Increment Financing, worker protections, and social justice.

Ordinances PASSED

6/22/16: Amendment of Municipal Code Chapter 1-24 and Chapter 2-25 by including paid sick leave provisions within Chicago Minimum Wage Ordinance 

6/22/16: Amendment of Municipal Code Chapter 9-84 by futher regulating vehicle towing operators and relocators and establishing Chicago Towing Bill of Rights

5/6/15 (scheduled for final passage): Citywide Language Access to Ensure Effective Delivery of City Services

11/12/14: Single-Room Occupancy and Affordable Housing Preservation

7/30/14: Sweatshop-Free Procurement

7/30/14: Moratorium on SRO Conversions & Demolitions

12/11/13: Establishment of Office of Financial Analysis

7/24/13: TIF Accountability Ordinance

1/17/13:  Amendment of Chapter 4-4 of Municipal Code by adding new Section 4-4-320 regarding license suspension and revocation (The Chicago Anti-Wage Theft Ordinance)

1/17/13:  Amendment of Chapter 4-6 of Municipal Code to adding new Section 4-6-160 regarding licensing of debt collection (to prevent predatory debt collection methods)

9/8/2011 Amendment of Sections 2-160 of Municipal Code to modify Prohibition of Unlawful or Discriminatory Use of Credit History or Employment Gap for Purposes of Hiring

7/28/2011 Amendment of Chapter 17-2 of Municipal Code regarding urban agriculture uses


12/14/2016 Affirmation of City of Chicago’s support to honor and protect rights of all residents regardless of race, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, age, immigration status, criminal record, sexual orientation and gender identity

1/25/2017 Recognition of “Indigenous People Day” in Chicago

9/12/2012 Denouncement of Hate Crimes and Bigotry and Promotion of Education and Dialogue on Diverse Cultures and Religions within Communities

9/12/2012 Support for Ban Assault Weapons and Large Ammunition Magazines

2/15/2012 Recognition of Anthony A. Kopera

10/5/2011 Call for End to Food Insecurity

6/8/2011 Gratitude extended to Honorable Alderman Eugene Schulter

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