Requirements for Residents and Businesses in the LV2 Zone

**2018 LV2 Passes NOW available**

Pick Up at the 47th Ward Office, Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM (our address is 4243 N Lincoln Ave (across from the Jewel).

LV2 parking passes for 2018 Cubs night games (including the post season) and events (like concerts) at Wrigley Field are provided free of charge for residents and businesses in the LV2 area (see map here)–see dates, procedures & nformation pamphlet (also available at our office) .  Remember that night games and events are defined as starting at 4:10PM or later and be sure to check for the most up-to-date schedule for games and events since dates and times are subject to change.

To receive the passes you MUST bring:

LV2 parking sign 2016Proof of Residence (REQUIRED):  A valid Driver’s License or State ID showing a home address within the LV2 area is sufficient.  If you do not have this, you can provide any government issued photo ID AND a current lease, recent utility bill, OR other document listing your address in the LV2 area (see “How to Prove Residency” link for additional options here).  By providing this info, you qualify for the Permanent Guest Pass (a.k.a. “Nanny Pass”) as well as Daily Guest Passes.  Please note that Daily Guest Passes can only be used once (remember to write in the date!) and additional passes can be requested later in the season by bringing back your pink receipt or providing proof of residence.

If you have a vehicle, please provide your Chicago City Sticker Number and License Plate Number.  The City Sticker number is located directly under the bar code.  By providing this information, you will also receive a Decal Sticker.  When affixed to the windshield above your City Sticker, the Decal Sticker works for the entire season.  Note that motorcycles are exempt from LV2 parking restrictions.

Additional Requirements for BUSINESSES in the LV2 Zone

Businesses located within the LV2 area are eligible to receive Permanent Guest Passes and/or Daily Guest Passes.  To apply, the business owner or manager must submit a request on company letterhead which lists each employee’s name, the make/model of their vehicle, and their license plate number; these can be sent to ahead of time so that a packet can be created for pick-up at our office.  A copy of a valid lease or business license can also be provided to fulfill the proof of address requirement.  If any Decal Stickers are requested for employees, you must provide the City Sticker number and also confirm that the parking zone says “NONE” on the City Sticker.  If your business would like to request Daily Guest Passes, you must explain the reasoning and how many you are requesting; be sure to consult the night game and concert schedule to ensure you request the proper number based on your schedule.

As a reminder, per section 9-68-020 of the Chicago Municipal Code, all parking passes may not be transferred, purchased, or sold (from other than the City or an agent of the City).  Violators are subject to a fine of up to $500.