Mission Statement

As the most local level of government, Alderman Pawar’s office serves all the people of the 47th Ward in their needs and desires as pertains to City of Chicago issues, and works to fulfill the vision set by Alderman Pawar in collaboration with the community.

Office Principles

1. Responsive & Empathetic — we serve all who come to us for help, treating all with respect and understanding, and providing as much assistance as possible within our means

2. Communicative — we outreach to all segments of our community, including hard-to-reach populations, to report on our activities and community events, and to find out people’s needs, desires, ideas and feedback

3. Engaging — we provide, facilitate and encourage a wide range of accessible and meaningful activities for our community to partake and connect with others

4. Participatory — we involve the community in decision-making, especially through our 47th Ward Council meetings, regular consultation with our block clubs, and recommendations from our advisory committees and community advocacy organizations

5. Consensus-building – we value decisions forged at the local level through thoughtful discussions involving a wide and representative participation of community

6. Transparent — we believe all aspects of our operations, including decision-making, planning and activities, should be made public using our website, weekly letters from Alderman Pawar to his constituents and an annual report

7. Nimble, Fluid & Dynamic — we constantly and quickly adapt and reprioritize plans and actions based on changing conditions and circumstances, seizing opportunities as they arise toward ever-improving our community

8. Smart — we make use of community and technological resources to accomplish tasks as efficiently and effective as possible

9. Innovative — we strive to create new ways of improving our ourselves, our office operations, our community and our city