47th Ward Process for Reviewing Zoning Requests and Associated Development Proposals

For major zoning relief, developers, homeowners or businesses may request the consideration of Alderman Pawar’s support, especially when applying for a zoning district change (which requires approval by the City Council’s zoning committee). Note that administrative adjustments (decided by the City’s Office of Zoning Administration), variances and special uses (these latter two decided by the Zoning Board of Appeals) are not normally reviewed by ZAC.

The first step in the process is an application to be considered for the agenda of the 47th Ward Zoning Advisory Committee or “ZAC.” Members of ZAC, appointed by the alderman from among ward residents, have some area of expertise, experience or interest regarding zoning or development. ZAC’s main purpose is to vet proposals ahead of Alderman Pawar’s review. ZAC hears applicants’ presentations, asks questions and clarifications, and then identifies the salient issues of each particular case privately (without applicants present). The alderman is then briefed on the case and ZAC’s analysis.

The process for requesting Alderman Pawar’s support for zoning relief is as follows. Note the alderman only considers meeting with applicants after steps #1 thru #4 below are completed.

  1. Applicant completes the 47th Ward Zoning Information Form and with associated drawings emails this to Ernie Constantino at ernie@chicago47.org (phone # 773-549-4555).
  2. Once accepted as a complete application package, the documents will be posted on our website at this webpage: http://chicago47.org/zoningdevelopment-cases/.
  3. Applications must be received at least 1.5 weeks prior to a scheduled ZAC meeting.
  4. The alderman reviews the application only after it goes to the ZAC and may decide to require a community meeting.
  5. After we communicate the alderman’s decision to the applicant, the decision is posted online on aforementioned webpage.