Bicycle Planning– Many planning efforts are underway to improve bicycle safety across Chicago, the metropolitan region and the state. Some notable programs include:

The 47th Ward team has put together a comprehensive map of all bike lanes in the 47th Ward. You can view the map below.

We are looking to connect the various routes within the ward to create a comprehensive 47th Ward bike route that connects to other city-wide routes. Over the next four years we will be working with the Chicago Department of Transportation, the Active Transportation Alliance and other groups to develop a more robust set of bike paths. In the near term, we are looking to partner with neighborhood businesses to draw tourists and Chicagoans to the ward. By linking the bike routes to coffee shops, restaurants and other attractions, we are hoping to draw thousands of people to the Ward on their bikes.

If you are interested in working with us on bike routes and safety, please contact our transportation expert, Brad Gregorka at:

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Tips for Motorists, Share the Road with Bicycle Riders (CDOT brochure)

YouTube Video from October 2011

Gearing Up for Spring Biking

With warmer spring days upon us, more and more of us are out on our bikes. Here are some safety tips to remember as you get your chains greased and pedals moving (courtesy of the City of Chicago’s Bicycle Ambassadors):

Spring Checklist – Now is a great time to check your bike for spring riding!  Do you have a flat that needs changing? Are your brakes working properly?  Is your chain lubed?  Download Safe Cycling in Chicago for quick, easy maintenance tips.  It’s the perfect time to buy a new helmet or lock at a discounted price.  Proper helmet use saves lives and correct locking prevents theft.  Visit your local bike shop for more information on accessories.

Riding in Difficult Conditions – Biking in inclement weather can seem tricky and dangerous, but with the right knowledge you can be safe and comfortable. Storms can make cyclists unseen to motorists.  BE VISIBLE with bright, reflective clothing.  Equip your bike with a red rear reflector and white front light (it’s the LAW!).  Dress appropriately for chilly temperatures and rain.  Install fenders to shield from dirty puddles.

Basic Rules of the Road – Most bike-related crashes can be avoided by obeying traffic laws, improving riding skills and communicating better.  Did you know the cyclist can prevent a car door collision?  Learn to ride outside of the “door zone.” Are you nervous about making a left turn on a busy street?  Learn how to safely navigate intersections.   Did you know it’s illegal to carry a package on a bike that prevents the use of both hands?  Brush up on your rights and responsibilities as a cyclist!

Prepare for Bike to Work Week! Are you ready for a stress-free, quick commute?  Biking to work is a great way to get exercise, save money and ENJOY your travel to and from work.  Discover trips and tricks for dressing comfortably for the ride and professionally the office!  Use the Chicago Bike Map to find the safest and fastest route to work.  Think you live too far away to bike to work?  Learn how to take your bike on CTA trains and buses and Metra trains to make the trip feasible.