Permit for Garage-Yard & Neighborhood Sales

Permit for Block Parties

Register to Vote, Change Address, Polling Locations

Property Tax Forms & Info, Cook County

City Claims for Water Bill Errors, and Vehicle or Property Damage

Sewer Charge Exemption for Senior Citizens Single-Family Dwelling Homeowners

MeterSave Program (to request a water meter)

Condo Refuse Rebate Form

Senior Citizen Sewer Rebate Form

Driveway No-Parking Signs ($220 first year, $110 subsequent years)
Email for application

Driveway Permit–Residential   (Driveway Permit–Commercial)

Driveway No-Parking Signs

Shared Cost Sidewalk Program
(Apply as soon after January 1 as possible!)

Consumer Fraud Complaint
If you have been scammed, the City’s Business Affairs & Consumer Protection/BACP prosecutes businesses for unlawful business practices. In some cases, BACP may collect restitution for the consumers who have been ripped off. Once a complaint is filed, either online or by calling 311, the consumer will be mailed a complaint affidavit in which the consumer explains what occurred in detail. It also requires a notarized signature so that BACP can begin to investigate the case. It is important that this competed affidavit be mailed back within the allotted time frame so the investigation can begin.