Gang activity in the 47th Ward will not be tolerated. The residents and businesses in the 47th Ward deserve to live and operate in a safe community. This office will be working with the Chicago Police Department, Chicago Public Schools, Streets and Sanitation and other governmental units to eliminate gangs in the 47th Ward.

Landlords with gang activity in buildings will be asked to attend training seminars held by the Chicago Police Department CAPS program. This office is going to be aggressive in addressing gang activity in apartment buildings.

If you witness any gang activity, dial 911 immediately. If you’re concerned about gang activity in your area contact your local CAPS office and/or Dara Salk in the 47th Ward Office at 773-868-4747 or

A message to schools in the ward:

Alderman Pawar fully supports all schools in the ward. That said, gang activity in schools in the 47th Ward will not be tolerated. This office will seek prosecution to the fullest extent of the law if school children are engaging in gang activity and defacing public and private property.