January 2012 Update


General Information

Any condominium association, cooperative apartment building or townhouses which are not eligible to receive City refuse collection services may apply for a rebate related to its refuse collection.  The association will receive a maximum of $75.00 per residential unit or the total amount of the refuse bills for the period you are filing, whichever is the lesser amount.

You have one year to file an application. Buildings applying for this rebate must have a Recycling Certification Form on file with the Committee on Finance. You may obtain the application at the Committee on Finance website. If possible, complete the form electronically through the website and print.

Your application packet should include:

  • A complete, notarized application.
  • A complete recycling certification form if this is your first time applying.
  • A refuse bill pertaining to the period for which you are applying. We request that you ask your collection company to provide a single invoice for the whole year.
  • A resolution in favor of the application adopted by the condominium association.
  • A copy of your current scavenger service agreement.
  • An email address where we can notify you that the application has been processed.

Please submit all documents to our office in person. For questions, email Brad@Chicago47.org.