Graffiti can be removed from public or private property by the City’s Graffiti Blasters. Graffiti will either be painted over (if the graffiti is on a painted surface) or blasted off with a high pressure baking soda and water solution (if it is on brick, cement or stone). You can report graffiti that is on your property, public property or on someone else’s property.

If you would like to report graffiti, please call 311 and contact our office. Be prepared to give the exact address, type of material the surface is on (i.e. unpainted brick, metal, etc), where on the building the graffiti is, and if the graffiti is over 6 feet from the ground.

Please note that graffiti is staying up longer because of budget cuts. Alderman Pawar is working to identify resources to ensure Graffiti Blasters receives more funding but until then, please be patient with the response.

Alderman Pawar is also working closely with the Chicago Police Department to step up gang enforcement.


City of Chicago – Graffiti Blasters Website