Tree Trimming & Planting Service Requests

The Bureau of Forestry of the Department of Streets and Sanitation is responsible for maintaining our urban forest–Chicago’s half-a-million or so parkway trees. The Bureau of Forestry also coordinates the planting of new parkways trees when funds are available and removes about 7,000 dead or damaged trees annually, grinding their branches into wood chips which are sold or used on playgrounds and vacant lots. City foresters also administer the tree provisions of the City of Chicago’s Landscape Ordinance.

Residents may also request a tree to be planted in their front parkways (if room allows, see Tree Trimming & Planting Guidelines) or for a tree to be inspected if dead or diseased. If deemed more than half-dead, the City will have a tree removed (and stump ground down) but otherwise healthy trees are not removed. As the backlog on tree planting is several years, homeowners may choose to plant a tree in their parkway at their own expense–see procedures.

If you wish to follow up on any tree request (use 311 FIRST to register the request–including tree emergencies) contact us: or  773-549-4462.

Common Tree Diseases & Pests

Maple Trees —  Powdery Mildew

Maple Trees — Tar Spots

Elm Trees — Dutch Elm Disease

Ash Trees — Emerald Ash Borer