47th Ward Senior Council Mission

  • Empowers and supports residents to age-in-place in our community
  • Reflects the diversity of our community
  • Encourages and facilitates lifelong learning
  • Offers opportunities to be engaged in our community, to give and get support
  • Provides a hub to support connection to our community

Team Objectives

  • The Senior Council will host 5 social events for the 47th Ward and neighbors
  • Hold one Wellness Fair Annually; in conjunction with immunization day
  • Create and maintain Online Community for area residents –
  • www.forwardchicago.org
  • Integrate with Ward Council/Block Clubs to reach older adults where they live
  • Publish a quarterly newsletter

Members of the Senior Committee (July 2012)

  • Jean Anderson, Area 15 Block Club
  • Joni Croll, Area 9 Block Club
  • Hazel Ginsburg, Graceland West Neighbors
  • Evan Gross, Heart of Lincoln Square
  • Char Kawa, Greater Rockwell Organizatino
  • Karen Kolb, Winnemac Neighbors
  • Randi Kant, Foster & Ashland
  • Margaret Loris, Heart of Lincoln Square
  • Carol Rizzolo, Waters Neighbors
  • Dara Salk, River Path Neighbors
  • Shiva Singh,   Area 15 Block Club
  • Helene Wineberg Greater Rockwell Organization

2013 Senior Enrichment Guide, Chicago Dep’t of Family & Support Services

2014 Area Plan on Aging Amendments, Chicago Dep’t of Family & Support Services

Senior Home Repair Program/SARFS