Abandoned Vehicle Complaint

Aircraft Noise Complaint

Alley Light Out

Alley Pot Hole

Alley Sewer Inspection

Animal – Inhumane Treatment

Animal In Trap

Animal Trap Request

Brochure Request

Building – Illegal Conversion

Building Violation

Bungalow Rehab/Purchase Information

Cab Complaint

Cable TV Complaint

City Vehicle Sticker Violation

Clean and Green Program

Clean Vacant Lot

Consumer Fraud Complaint

Consumer Retail Complaint

Curb Survey

Dead Animal Pick-Up

Emergency Food

Extreme Weather Notification

Fast Track Demo

Fire Safety Inspection

Fly Dumping

Garbage Cart Black Maintenance

Garbage Cart New Service

Garbage Pickup

Graffiti Removal

Home Buyer Programs

Landlord/Tenant Information

Lead Inspection

License/Business Information

Liquor License Violation Complaints


Motor Vehicle Repair

No Building Permit &
Construction Violations

No Heat

Operating Without Business License

Parking Meter

Parking Meter Business Feedback Form

Porch Inspection

Pot Hole in Street

Private Drain Program

Pushcart Food Vendor Problem

Request for Speakers

Restaurant Complaint

Rodent Baiting/Rat Complaint

Sanitation Code Violation

Senior Information and Assistance

Senior Related Literature

Senior Well-Being Check

Sewer Cave In Inspection

Sewer Cleaning Inspection

Sidewalk Snow Removal Request

Sidewalk Survey

Sign – All Other Signs

Sign – Do Not Enter Sign

Sign – One Way Sign

Sign – Stop Sign

Stray Animal

Street Light – 1/Out

Street Light Pole Damage

Street Light Pole Door Missing

Street Lights – All/Out

Street Lights On Days

Tax Assistance

Tree Debris

Tree Planting

Tree Removal

Tree Trim

Vacant/Abandoned Building

Viaduct Lights Out

Water in Basement

Water On Street

Water- Low Pressure

Wire Basket

Yard Waste