To report an issue with the condition of a sidewalk, please report the address to 311 (or our office) to request a “Sidewalk Survey” and provide details  (sunken/raised/cracked/missing/etc.).  A representative from the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) will inspect the location and make one of the following three recommendations:

  1. Shared Cost Sidewalk Program (SCSP): Applications must be submitted to 311 soon after the voluntary program opens in January each year; this often fills up in less than 12 hours.  The 50/50 cost is split with the City (so that residents pay $5 per square foot but seniors only pay $2.50 per square foot) and the project is completed later that year.  Postcards will be mailed to property owners in December to provide a reminder about the application date; this information is also included in Ald. Pawar’s weekly email newsletter once the January date has been announced.  For more details on the SCSP, see here-
  1. Sidewalk Repair Program (SRP): In cases where there are significant trip and fall hazards, CDOT may replace the sidewalk at no cost to the property owner.
  1. Aldermanic Menu Program (Menu): If the SCSP and SRP are not viable options, discretionary and limited funding through the menu program can be considered-
  • (Private Contractor): The property owner can also hire a contractor to pull the proper permits and perform the work, but the City does not provide financial assistance in these cases.