It’s The Neighborly Thing To Do !

And it’s the Law …. Chicago Municipal Code, sections 4-4-310 and 10-8-180, specifies that both homes and businesses must clear snow from sidewalks next to their property.

Make Chicago safe for everyone by clearing snow and ice from the public sidewalks around your property. We are all pedestrians at some point in the day, whether walking to the bus, to a car, or to a neighborhood store. Without a wide, clear path, snow and ice on the sidewalk make it difficult for everyone — especially people with disabilities, seniors, and children — to walk safely. Click Chicago Sidewalk Snow Removal Guide.

Be a good neighbor and offer help to those in your community who are physically unable to clear their own sidewalks. To volunteer as a Snow Angel or read FAQs on snow removal see the City’s webpage.


“ADOPT” Your Sewers and Catch Basins

Street drains can quickly get clogged with leaves and other street debris and create a mini Lake Michigan. Please tell your neighbors and landscape companies NOT to rake leaves into the street & gutters. If you do see leaves and debris on top of street drains/catch basins, just rake or sweep up and bag this debris, and dispose in the trash or compose in a yard. Otherwise, the debris could clog the sewer structure before the grates. If ponding water remains even after removing leaves & debris from the surface grates, contact our office and we’ll get the City to schedule the unclogging. To learn techniques for managing storm water click here.