Beginning April 1 and ending in November (or later, weather permitting), the Department of Streets & Sanitation posts orange paper “no-parking” signs (hours of 9AM to 3PM) on residential streets approximately 2 days in advance of street sweeping and is required to post these at least 24 hours in advance. These signs are removed after the sweeper has completed the area to open parking spots back up to the neighborhood. Permanent street signs posted along commercial/arterial streets indicate the day(s) of the week and times (7AM-9AM) for street sweeping. Failure to move a vehicle from a posted no-parking zone may result in a $60 fine during street sweeping days. Note that sweeping leaves or other debris into street is prohibited by City ordinance; extra debris in the street may cause damage to street sweepers and contributes to clogged street sewer catch basins.

To find the dates of street sweeping on any given block of the 47th Ward, click on that block in the interactive map below and a pop-up window will show you the dates. You can also enter your address at the top of the interactive map to help find the section in your area and the scheduled sweep dates.

Keep in mind that streets which share a border with a neighboring ward may be on a different schedule.  Please find the schedules and maps for all wards listed here.

You can also click on the links below to open up a PDF showing the sweeping schedule for either the residential or commercial/arterial streets.

Sweeping Schedule