I am excited to be a co-sponsor on Mayor Emanuel’s Urban Agriculture ordinance.  This ordinance has the ability to do the following:

  • Turn unproductive parcels of land into productive ones
  • Create hundreds of jobs city-wide
  • Revitalize neighborhoods
  • Increase access to fresh foods city-wide
  • Decrease food costs city-wide
  • Increase demand for land around urban farming initiatives
  • Allow restaurants to purchase fish from aquaponic farms and increase access to fresh fish
  • Decrease the harsh environmental impacts of shipping food via planes, trains, and trucks
  • Increase more sustainable living opportunities for our City

This legislation has a city-wide impact and works to solve problems that impact every ward. In the current economic climate, we have to take bold action to propel communities forward. I believe this legislation is a big step towards improving entire communities.

To learn more about this ordinance, please click on the links below.

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