Over many decades, the City of Chicago has been described as the ‘City that Works.’ And during that time, we have been told that our aldermen provide City services.  This is a myth! So who then provides City services? It is the men and women of that work in our City departments that provide your services. Many of us have been calling the aldermanic office to request garbage cans, report power outages, report pot-holes and broken street lights. That is perfectly fine but there is a quicker way to make service requests. Call 311 or use the direct hyperlink on this site to connect to the 311 service request center. By doing this, politics is removed from service delivery and it cuts out an additional layer of bureaucracy that costs you time and money! The City of Chicago’s 311Center is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  This is the most efficient way to make a service request. Once you call 311 and report a problem or make a service request, our team will be able to download the information from 311 and then follow-up with City departments to make sure services are delivered and problems fixed!

Here is something you may also want to know: The City appropriates aldermen $175,000 for three full-time staff. These staffers are supposed to work with the alderman to solve problems and craft public policy and legislation. Instead, what the current system requires is that an alderman operates an in-bound call center to take service requests. So currently, you are paying $175,000 to replicate a call center function at the ward level!  You deserve better and you should demand more from your alderman.

However, if you prefer to call us, we will be happy to take your service request an input them into the 311 system at the ward office.

So if the Alderman does not provide service, then what is he/she supposed to do?

  • Your Alderman is supposed to make sure the people that provide services have the tools and resources to do their job.
  • Your Alderman is supposed to make sure things get done by pulling the service requests and following up with City departments to ensure completion and then following up with you.
  • Your Alderman is supposed to legislate on your behalf to pass a fiscally responsible and sustainable budget so we don’t raise fees, increase fines and raise taxes.
  • Your Alderman is supposed to legislate on city-wide issues related to crime, education, taxes and other issues which impact your services and your bottom line.

In a nutshell, it is your Alderman’s job to make sure services get delivered and to legislate on critical issues so you get the government you deserve.

As your Alderman, I plan on doing just that. But I need you to be a partner in this effort to re-make Chicago government. Partner with me to make service delivery more efficient and effective.