To address a variety of transportation issues, the 47th Ward Transportation Committee was formed in August, 2011. The committee serves as an advisory board to the alderman and his staff, meeting periodically to discuss issues.

Membership in the committee is limited to 30 participants, selected at the discretion of the alderman’s staff. There have been 27 participating residents of various ages and occupations from across the ward; however only about 10 have been active recently. In the past there wasn’t much structure to the committee but moving forward we are going to be soliciting for a Citizen Chair and a Secretary and there will be a stronger tie to the neighborhood associations and ward council. This will also help improve meeting outlines and minutes, which will be posted on this page.

Our staff invited many of the people who wrote or called in about permit parking, bike infrastructure and other transportation issues to apply to the transportation committee, and also solicited applicants via the ward newsletter. The original applications asked for basic background and interests so that we could select a diverse group of people from across the ward. All who returned applications were invited to participate as we received less than 30.

The Committee meets as needed to discuss a variety of transportation issues. Break-out groups such as Bike47 and the Permit Parking Taskforce have been used to focus on topical issues, but when meeting as a whole we provide updates on all activities. The breakout groups can be used to focus on specific issues and projects.

Bike47 advises on bicycle infrastructure conditions in the ward, expanding our bike network and coordinating with other ongoing city-wide bike planning efforts. For more information about Bike47 and ongoing bicycle issues, planning and events click here.

The Permit Parking Taskforce was first assembled to help develop a ward-wide policy on permit parking and will continue to review petitions for permit parking within the neighborhoods and provide input on the policy in application as things move forward. For more information about permit parking click here.