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Transportation Options in 47th Ward

Our ward has a wide variety of convenient transportation options for work and play!


Public transportation is widely available with a Metra station, 6 CTA Brown Line Stations and 10 bus routes in addition to many more routes and stations nearby. Metra and CTA along with the suburban Pace bus service and Paratransit transportation is administered by the Regional Transportation Authority. The RTA is the third largest public transportation system in the country with 7,200 route miles in the six-county region serving a population of approximately eight million people.


The Chicago Transit Authority or CTA provides local public transportation options at a low cost. The Northside System Map can show you all bus routes and train lines in the area. is a website with real-time bus location and arrival time information. Select your station below for upcoming arrival times on the Brown Line Train Tracker:


Metra, Chicago’s regional commuter rail system carries many people to and from the city every day. The Union Pacific / North Line (UP-N) Metra line travels across our ward with the Ravenswood station at Lawrence Avenue. This route extends from Ogilvie Transportation Center downtown to Kenosha, Wisconsin. Click Here for the entire schedule in PDF or visit the Metra website.


RTA/Pace: Special door-to-door services are provided within Chicago and certain nearby suburbs to “ADA Paratransit Certified” customers. These services are now provided by Pace. Advance Reservations are required. For more information, please visit To apply for Paratransit eligibility, call the Regional Transportation Authority at 1-312-663-HELP (or 1-312-663-4357) or TTY 1-312-913-3122 to get an application. For general Paratransit information, call Pace at 1-800-606-1282 (or 1-847-364-7223) or TTY 1-888-847-0093

CTA/Taxi Access Program: Through a cooperative effort with the Chicago Transit Authority’s (CTA) Taxi Access Program (TAP), the Chicago Department of Family & Support Service offers specialized transportation services for eligible seniors. The TAP program is available to seniors who meet specific requirements under the Regional Transit Authority’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) program. The service provides specialized door-to-door transportation to seniors at reduced rates. The TAP service allows ADA Paratransit certified seniors an opportunity to travel in taxis at reduced rates. To apply for the ADA para-transit program, please call 312-663-4357.

Car Sharing Subscription Services

I-GO Cars Locations

  • 5025 N. Paulina (Methodist Hospital) -Honda Fit, Toyota Prius Hybrid
  • 4715 N. Western (by Western Brown line station) Toyota Prius Hybrid, Honda Civic
  • 4700 N. Ravenswood (Ravenswood Metra Station) Honda Civic
  • 4647 N. Lincoln (by Costellos) Toyota Matrix
  • 4540 N. Campbell (Waters Elementary) Nissan Versa
  • 4332 N. Paulina (Ravenswood School) Blue Toyota Prius
  • 3905 N. Lincoln (Mrs. Murphy’s Bistro parking lot) -Toyota Prius Hybrid
  • 2019 W. Lawrence (City’s Levy senior center) Toyota Yaris
  • 1945 W. Wilson (old Ravenswood Hospital campus) Honda Civic, Toyota Prius Hybrid, Toyota Tacoma Pickup, Honda Element
  • 1802 W. Berteau (private lot)
  • 1800 W. Berenice (private lot by Signal Ensemble Theatre) Honda Civic
  • 1402 W. Irving Park (private lot) Honda Civic

Zipcar Locations

  • 4715 N Western (public parking lot, NE corner with W. Leland): Mazda 3, Nissan Sentra
  • 4400 N Leavitt (street parking behind Sulzer Library): Mazda 3
  • 4250 N Lincoln (north end of Jewel Foods parking lot by W. Cullom): VW Golf, Mazda 3
  • 4147 N Ravenswood (street diagonal space south of W. Berteau): Honda Civic, Fiat 500
  • 4100 N Ravenswood (street diagonal space at the southeast corner of Ravenswood & Berteau): Nissan Sentra
  • 4000 N Ravenswood (by Cafe 28 Restaurant): Mazda 3
  • 3500 N Hoyne (Audubon Elementary School): Toyota Prius, Mazda 3
  • 3420 N Lincoln (Paulina Brown Line station): Ford E150, Nissan Sentra
  • 2425 W Leland (underneath the El, just west of the Western Brown Line station): Honda Civic, Fiat 500
  • 2256 W Irving Park (Chicago Joe’s Restaurant): Nissan Sentra
  • 2019 W Lawrence (Chicago Levy Senior Center): Toyota Prius, Fiat 500, Ford E-150
  • 1650 W Cornelia (Hamilton Elementary School): Mazda 3, Audi A3, Toyota Sienna
  • 1635 W Melrose (Lincoln-Belmont Library): Mazda 3
  • 1446 W Irving Park (small parking lot by a two-flat, near N. Janssen): Mazda 3
  • 1338 W Winnemac (private parking spaces behind 1338 W Winnemac): Mazda 3, Audi A3

Car Travel

Traveling by car in the city can be difficult in any ward, and the 47th is no exception. To help plan your routes, you can get real-time traffic status here:

For information on parking meters go to: If a visitor to our ward, please be considerate of the residents and stay aware of residential permit parking zones throughout the ward.

While we cannot recommend a particular taxi cab company, cabs are often a quick and convenient way to travel. If you ever have a problem with a cab and want to issue a complaint, you can do so on the Consumer Cab Complaint page of the City of Chicago website.


Riding a bicycle is inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and often takes less time on short trips than driving a car. You can take bikes on the CTA and Metra (some restrictions may apply) and soon we will be seeing more bike sharing opportunities in the ward that will make biking an even more feasible method of transportation.

Here in the 47th Ward we have several recommended bicycle routes and we’re working with the City Department of Transportation and the office of Mayor Emanuel to expand the bicycle network further. Click here for a map of all bike lanes in the area.

Safety & Education
  • Kids on Bikes In Chicago (PDF)
  • Safe Bicycling in Chicago (PDF)
  • How to Fix a Flat Tire (PDF) – A page extracted from the Student For Cycling brochure; provides illustrated and detailed instructions on how to fix your own flat tire.
  • Tips on Fitting a Bicycle Helmet (PDF) – Learn how to properly fit a bicycle helmet. Two pictures show the proper and improper ways to wear a bicycle helmet.
  • Tips on How to Dress for Bicycling in Winter (PDF) – The City of Toronto provides a detailed guide for winter bicycling preparation, including for you, your clothes, and your bike.
  • Theft Prevention – Prevent your bike from theft by locking it with the correct locks and a good method. If stolen, file reports with the Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Stolen Bike Registry.
  • Bike Registration – Register your bicycle with the Chicago Police Department. The Police store many unclaimed bicycles. Registration is also necessary to register for a lock manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Student Bicycling in Chicago (PDF) – Or download the high quality version (15 MB) by right-clicking this link and selecting “Save As.”
  • Download center – CDOT provides additional downloads or links not listed here.
  • Request a publication to be mailed to you – Most of the publications we have for download are also available as physical copies we’ll mail to your residence or business.
  • Chicago Bike Laws – The Bike Program operates this website which displays all the Illinois and Chicago statutes and codes that relate to bicycling.

From City of Chicago webpage–>click here.