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Utility Issues

ComEd Emergency Alerts

If you have an electric emergency, it is important to call ComEd immediately. Never email your emergency request. If you need to report an emergency situation such as a fire, vehicle accident, electric contact/shock, or other potential danger please call 911 to notify local authorities. https://www.comed.com/customer-service/service-request/Pages/emergency.aspx

Storm Center. When the storms roll in, ComEd is ready to keep you up-to-date on outage restorations. Visit the Storm Center to get the latest information on outages in the service territory, view the Outage Map, and report an outage. https://www.comed.com/customer-service/outage-information/Pages/storm-center.aspx

Outage Map. With ComEd’s outage map, customers can view all outages in the ComEd service area at once and zoom in and get details on specific areas, such as the estimated restoration time & status of crews working to resolve problems. Icons are color-coded to indicate the number of customers affected by each incident. https://www.comed.com/_layouts/comedsp/outagemap.aspx

Outage Alerts. Need to report an outage? Text the word OUT to 26633 (ComEd) and get updates until your power is restored. https://www.comed.com/customer-service/outage-information/Pages/outage-alerts.aspx

Mobile App. Gain the flexibility and convenience of managing your ComEd Residential account on the go with ComEd’s FREE mobile app for iPhone® and Android™ devices. Report an outage, make a one-time payment, and manage account features with the swipe of a finger. Learn more at https://www.comed.com/customer-service/mobile/pages/mobile-application.aspx/

Colors of Spray-Paint Markings Indicating Buried Utilities

The City’s Digger Program on request will mark the location of buried utilities using the codes below.


Electric power lines (e.g. ComEd), cables, conduit, and lighting cables (e.g. City street lights)


Telecommunication (e.g. AT&T, Comcast, RCN) , alarm or signal lines, cables, or conduit


Natural gas (e.g. Peoples Gas), oil, steam, petroleum, or other gaseous or flammable material


Sewers and drain lines (Chicago Dep’t of Water Management)


Water supply lines (Chicago Dep’t of Water Management)


Proposed section for excavation/tear-up