The 47th Ward Council is comprised of representatives from block clubs, neighborhood organizations and chambers of commerce who work alongside Alderman Pawar to build community, advise on budgetary matters and communicate to the 47th Ward office current issues needing attention. Ward Council meetings are held once every 6-8 weeks. Staff liaison: Dara Salk at 773-549-2735 or


    Forming a New Block Club Guide 7-2011

    NEW for 2012-2013: Block Audit Form – Help us identify your block’s maintenance issues and possible improvements
    —–>  Printable PDF or use our Online SurveyMonkey Form

    The 47th Ward Council works closely with the various committees that inform the alderman on important issues. Neighborhood groups are regularly updated on the activities of these committees.  Information regarding their operation including agenda items, minutes, and documents can be found on the various pages linked below.

    Ward Decision-Making for Annual Capital Projects (Aldermanic Menu 2013)

    Using constituent feedback from 2012, City 311 Data, 80 block audits from neighborhood groups and over 1500 votes from 47th Ward residents, Ald. Pawar has decided on how to spend our $1.32 million in menu funds for the coming year. This presentation made at the 4-30-13 Ward Council details the process and which project have been selected. With over $8 million dollars of work identified on the preliminary list, we were not able to complete each project. Projects not completed this year will be kept to be put on next year’s list.

    Ward Council Agendas & Minutes

    9-19-12 Agenda

    8-1-12 Minutes