For the standard Chicago lot size of 25’ x 125’, giving a lot area of 3,125 square feet, new homes must conform to these requirements (see zoning criteria):

  • Max. of one dwelling unit
  • Max. of 2,812.5 square feet of interior floor area (basement space more than halfway below ground excluded)
  • Max. height of 30 feet (mean calculation with gabled roofs)
  • Min. front setback is average of the two properties on each side of the subject lot
  • Min. side setback total of both sides is 5 feet where no side is less than 2 feet
  • Min. rear setback is 30 feet
  • Min. rear yard open space is 225 square feet
  • Min. of two parking spaces

Additions to existing homes must also conform to these requirements except the parking requirement doesn’t kick in unless there is a change in the number of dwelling units.

The zoning code does allow for “zoning relief” that can be applied for to reduce the extent of these criteria (see for an explanation of each).