1645 W Irving Park, B1-1 to B2-2 to convert first floor commercial unit to residential–IN COMMUNITY PROCESS
Summary SheetCommunity Notification

2024 W Irving Park, B1-1 to B1-3 for 4-story 48”-6″ high mixed-use building with 12 condo units–IN COMMUNITY PROCESS
Summary Sheet …. Drawings rev. 5-21-18 …. Community Meeting 5-7-18 flyer
Sun Shade Study …. Amos Financial letter

1535 W Lawrence/4757 N Ashland, B3-2 to B3-3 for new mixed-use 4-story 47′-10″ high building with 39 rental units & 35 parking spaces–IN COMMUNITY PROCESS
Summary SheetDrawings 5-23-18 ….  Flyer for 5-31-18 Community Meeting


4531 N Wolcott, RS3 to RT4 for new 3.5-story 36′-8″ high building with 4 condo units and 4 parking spaces–APPROVED
Summary Sheet (rev 2-9-18) … Drawings rev 3-20-18

1637 W Addison, RS3 to RT3.5 for third floor addition to 2-flat–IN COMMUNITY PROCESS
Info Form …. Drawings rev 5-29-18 … Community NotificationWVLN letter of support

4551-4553 N Ravenswood, B3-2 to B3-3 TOD for new mixed-use 4-story 47′-9″ high building with 12 units & 3 parking spaces–IN COMMUNITY PROCESS
Summary Sheet …. Drawings 12-7-17

1811 W Cornelia, M1-2 to C1-2 TOD for addition to one-story commercial building allowing a residential unit–APPROVED
Summary Sheet …. Drawings 11-8-17 … Presentation 12-7-17

4119 N Western, B3-2 to B2-3 for new 4-story 46′-8″ high all-residential building with 4 condo units and 4 parking spaces–APPROVED
Summary SheetDrawings 11-27-17

3728 N Ashland, C1-2 to B2-3 for new 4-story 45′ high all-residential building with 4 condo units and 4 parking spaces–APPROVED
Summary SheetDrawings

4024 N Lincoln, B1-1 to B1-3 for new 4-story 48′ high mixed-use building with 12 condo units & 12 garage parking spaces–APPROVED
Summary SheetNew Rendering 1-24-18.. Drawings Community Meeting 12-11-17  …. Pawar Decision Letter

1521 W Wilson, RS3 to RT4 for new 3.5 story 38′-0″ (zoning height, top of penthouse is 49′-8″) all residential 12 condo building–NOT APPROVED
Summary Sheet …. Drawings 10-3-17 … Landmarks Illinois letter 8-31-17Ravenswood Club building background/history

4325-4343 N Ravenswood, M1-2 to C3-5 for new restaurant and event space–IN COMMUNITY PROCESS
Summary SheetCommunity Meeting 10-11-17

1756 W Cornelia, C1-2 to B2-3 for 4-story 44′ all-residential 3 condo building–APPROVED
Summary Sheet … Drawings rev 10-15-17

4040-4050 N Hermitage, RS3 to B2-3 for adaptive reuse of former manufacturing building for 15 condo units (26 parking spaces) and one new 3-flat (3 parking spaces)–NOT APPROVED
Info Form …. Drawings rev. 10-26-17 … community meeting 10-26-17 flyer

4014 N Rockwell, M1-1 to C3-2 to allow commercial uses in former warehouse/manufacturing building–APPROVED
Info Form …. Drawings …. Community Meeting Flyer 8-15-17

2024 W Irving Park, B1-1 to B1-3 for 5-story 58.4′ high mixed-use building with 14 condo units–WITHDRAWN
Info Form …. Drawings rev 7-27-17 …. Rendering rev 7-27-17

4318 N Western, B3-1.5 to B2-2 for 3-story 34′-4″ all-residential 3 condo building–APPROVED
Info Form …. Drawings

4646-4650 N Damen, B3-3 & RS3 to B2-3 for 4-story 48′ high mixed-use building with 24 rental units–APPROVED
Info FormDrawings rev 7-26-17  …. rendering

1617 W Irving Park, B1-1 to B3-3 for mixed use 6 condo units, 6 parking spaces–APPROVED
Info Form … Drawings … Rendering

4210 N Western, C1-2 to B2-3 for mixed use 48 rental units, 50 parking spaces–APPROVED
Info Form … Drawings

2440-2442 W Irving Park, C1-1 to B2-2 for 9 condo units, 9 parking spaces–APPROVED
Info FormDrawings … Rendering

3515 N Ravenswood, C1-2 to B2-3 to renovate commercial units into residential rental units–APPROVED
Info Form … Drawings

4906-4918 N Clark, C1-2 & B3-2 to B2-3 for 4-story 49′ high mixed-used building with 54 units & 29 parking spaces–APPROVED
Info Form (rev 7-12-17) … Drawings (rev 8-28-17) … Community Notification Flyer 8-7-17

3501 N Lincoln, B3-2 to C1-3 for second floor addition to existing meat market and to allow some wholesale–APPROVED
Info Form Drawings …. Renderings

2107-2109 W Eastwood, RS3 to RM5 for adding garden unit to existing 6-flat–NOT APPROVED
Info Form

1900 W Lawrence, B1-2 to B3-3 Sears building renovation for 1st floor commercial space and 59 rental units–APPROVED
Info Form …. Drawings (updated 9-6-17) … One-way Option on Winchester & Wolcott … Historic Elements Explanation …. Alderman’s Decision Letter 8-30-17 …. Past Documents

2247 W Lawrence, B3-2 to B2-3 TOD for 4.5-story 48′ high 24 units existing building with addition–APPROVED
Info FormDrawings …. Community Feedback

2242 W Lawrence, B1-1 to B1-3 for mixed use 5-story 60′ high building–APPROVED
Info FormDrawings … Community Feedback

3901 N Lincoln, B3-2 to B3-3 TOD for 4-story mixed-use building–APPROVED
Info Form …. Drawings

3720 N Ashland, C1-2 to B2-3/B1-3 TOD for 4-story mixed-use building–APPROVED
Info Form Drawings

3333 N Lincoln/3338 N Marshfield, B1-2 to B2-3 TOD for 55′ high 4-story mixed use building–WITHDRAWN
Info FormDrawings

4887 N Ravenswood, RS3 to RT4 to allow for four unit building–NOT APPROVED
Info FormDrawings … surrounding photos …. neighborhood study … sun-shadow study …. smart home overview

4743 N Hermitage, RS3 to RM4.5 for new 4-unit condo building (replacing a SFH)–WINTHRAWN
Info FormDrawings …. Presentation

4540 N Ravenswood, B3-2 to B2-3 for 4-story 9-unit mixed-use building–APPROVED
Info Form …. Drawings (rev 1-20-17)

2335 W Montrose, B3-2 to B2-3 for 3-story 4-unit building–APPROVED
Info FormDrawings rev. 4-12-17

1825 W Lawrence, M1-2 & B3-2 to B2-3 for mixed us project on 325’x300 lot–APPROVED
Info Form …. Drawings …. Community meeting/Open House Flyer 2-23-17 … Community Feedback

4740 N Clark, ZBA Special Use for 1st floor residential, ZBA variance and P-street removal in C2-2 for townhouses–APPROVED
Info Form …. Drawings …. Comparison to similar project … Nov 1, 2016 Community Flyer

1630 W Wilson, RS3 to RM6 for adaptive reuse for 24 rental residential units & 16 parking spaces (former American Indian Center & Nat’l Historic Masonic Temple)–APPROVED
Info Form …. Drawings 12-27-16

3220 N Lincoln, C1-3 TOD Type 1 rezoning for 5-story mixed-use building with 19 residential units–APPROVED
Info Form …. Drawings … Rendering

1800 W Warner, M1-2 to RM4.5 for 5 townhouses–APPROVED
Info Form …. Drawings

1911 W Irving Park, B1-2 to B1-3 to expand mixed-use building from 6 to 24 apartment units–APPROVED
Info Form … Zoning Table … Drawings … Rendering

4053 N Leavitt-2157 W Belle Plaine, RS3 to RM5.5 to split existing apartment building from side buildable lot–APPROVED
Info FormPlat of Survey …. Proposed house for side lot

3462 N Lincoln, B3-2 to B3-3 TOD for 21 units, 2,728 sf of ground floor commercial, 8 parking spaces–APPROVED
Info Form …  Drawings

2250-2256 W Irving Park, B1-1 to B2-3 for two 6-unit condo buildings with ground floor commercial–AWAITING REVISIONS
Info Form …. Drawings